AD Dietistas is a nutrition and dietetics consulting office specialized in DAO deficiency. The project was born in 2011, being the first worldwide center dedicated to treating patients with DAO deficiency. Therefore, we visit in Barcelona and we also offer an online visits service around the world. The visits can be requested in English, French, Spanish and Catalan. Since 2022 we are part of the International Institute of DAO deficiency.

The team is made up of registered dietitians and nutritionists and clinical psychologists. The most common disorders, associated with an excess of histamine for a DAO Deficiency, are: migraine; intestinal disorders such as irregularities or abdominal distension; skin disorders such as hives, pruritus (itching) or redness; allergy-like symptoms such as rhinitis; and muscle pain. 

We think prevention is the future, so this is what we do.

Adriana Duelo
Director of AD Dietistas

Symptoms and treatments

These are some of the symptoms related to histamine accumulation due to DAO deficiency that we treat in AD Dietistas with personalized low histamine diets.

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