Halloween and low-histamine diet

A new month is going to start and, with it, the time to roast sweet potatoes, make panellets, wind fritters or saints’ bones, roast chestnuts and decorate pumpkins, among others. Depending on the geographical area, October 31 receives different names: Halloween, All Saints’ Eve, Castañada, Night of the Dead, Witches’ Night…

If you have DAO deficiency, you may be worried about not knowing what to eat or what recipes to cook. For this reason, at AD Dietistas we have developed some creative appetizers or desserts for one of the most terrifying nights of the year, so that the DAO deficiency does not prevent you from celebrating!

Coconut panellets: For approximately 40 units, you need cooked potatoes (250g), date paste (2 tablespoons) and grated coconut (1 cup). First, put the potatoes in boiling water or cook them in steamed. When they are done, let them cool and remove the skin. Mash the potatoes with the fork, until obtaining a homogeneous mass. Next, add the date paste, as well as the grated coconut. With your hands, make small balls and, if you prefer, you can coat them with more grated coconut. Another optional step before baking the panellets is to paint them with agave syrup, so they are more golden. Now all that remains is to bake them at 180ºC for 15 minutes or until they are already browned. Bon Appetite!

  • If you are in 2 or 3 phase of the low-histamine diet, you can add almond flour or lemon zest in the dough.

Spider cookies: For 30 cookies, you need roasted sweet potatoes (200g), egg yolk (1), wheat flour or gluten-free flour (400g), baking powder (2 teaspoons), baking soda (5g), vegetable drink (20g), sugar (100g) or sweetener, salt (3g) and olive oil (130g). Add the dry ingredients in a bowl, followed by the wet ingredients. Stir the dough until the ingredients are well integrated and, with a spoon, take part of the dough and let it fall by its own weight onto a piece of baking paper, trying to make the top part as smooth as possible. They are baked for 10 minutes at 175ºC and… done! Once cooled, a ball of carob cream is added to the center of the biscuit and, with the toothpick, part of it is extended towards the most distal part, to draw the spider’s legs.

  • If you are in 2 or 3 phase of the low-histamine diet, you can use the whole egg (white and yolk) or you can substitute the carob cream for cocoa cream.

Witch Fingers: You need wheat flour or gluten-free flour (260g), sugar (180g), oat flakes (160g), water (130 g), olive oil (100g), grated coconut (80g), yeast (5g), salt (5g), raspberry jam and pine nuts. For its preparation, all the solid ingredients are mixed in a bowl: flour, oat flakes, sugar, coconut, yeast and salt. Next, add the oil and water and mix until a homogeneous mass remains. While the oven is preheating to 180 ºC, form the sticks, giving it the shape of a finger. At one of the two ends, put the pine nuts and place them on the baking paper and bake for about 20 minutes or until golden brown. The baking time will vary depending on the thickness of the sticks. Once cooled, the jam is added to the opposite end of the pine nut and… we have it!

  • If you are in 2 or 3 phase of the low-histamine diet, you can substitute the raspberry jam for strawberry jam, substitute the pine nuts for almonds or use half a banana to make the finger.

Depending on the phase in which you find, it is important to be flexible and that you are not overwhelmed by the fear of eating more high-histamine foods, being able to enjoy the company and the context. However, if you know that tonight you are going to eat some foods which accumulate more amounts of histamine, it will be interesting to take more care of the diet in the meals before and after this. In addition, having enzyme supplementation and taking 1 or 2 tablets before a meal will help metabolize most of the histamine you ingest.

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