How to manage the festivities and a low-histamine diet?

If you are following a low-histamine diet, you might be wondering how you can deal the festivities and manage the symptoms as well as possible. In this regard, taking into consideration the days between and around the holidays will be the key to enjoy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We are in the middle of December, that time of the year where towns and cities are filled with light and joy, homes are decorated and family meals become the norm. Even though many people are thrilled by those upcoming moments, if you are following a low-histamine diet, you might be concerned that it may become an issue. Hence, planning ahead will be your best ally.

Depending on the low-histamine diet phase you are currently following, your food options will have more or less degrees of choice. The main goal will be attending the holiday meals with the lowest histamine levels possible. On one hand, if you are on the low-histamine diet first phase, it’s recommended sticking to it. On the other hand, if you are following an advanced phase, one interesting option would be reducing high-histamine containing foods. That way, if on one of those meals you consume a high-histamine level food – such as cheese, chocolate or seafood – you will have lower levels of histamine accumulation and it will be harder for the symptoms to manifest.

Exogenous DAO enzyme supplementation is another option to keep in mind. Having an extra push to metabolize the histamine we ingest is interesting. Furthermore, we can double the supplementation intake on those meals we suspect there will be moderate to high levels of histamine meals. On the other hand, if you toast with champagne or cava – which is usual on those dates – it is fine if you just sip. If you prefer wine, it is suggested drinking no more than one glass preceded by DAO enzyme supplementation.

Physical activity is usually forgotten during these days. Ironically, it is when our body needs it the most, since the meals are abundant and harder to digest. That is why it is especially advisable going for a walk every day, on a bike ride or practicing it at home.

Finally, once the festivities are over, getting back on track and our personalized meal plan will key to our health. Because remember: there are more days between New Year’s Eve and Christmas than the other way around. On that regard, flexibility will allow us to manage our holidays by worrying less on food and focusing more on who are we surrounded by; it will make the best of our festivity time.

The AD Dietistas team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023!

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