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We all have in mind the idea that a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) has the main function of helping us to lose weight. But we should not only resort to this healthcare professional in the face of this need; by developing a personalized diet, adapted to the needs of each person, a nutritionist can help us with many situations, such as the DAO deficiency.

Therefore, what we have most present as a team is that in the face of a diagnosis of DAO deficiency or any other intolerance, situation or specific illness that require the action of a RDN, a person can feel totally lost and unable to cope with this change, sometimes very drastic, in its diet.

On many occasions, people who see the list of histamine-rich foods we have on our website or others, find it impossible to follow the nutritional treatment that the situation requires, and give up too soon.

However, the purpose of seeing us is precisely to change this behavior. We aim to be able to help the person, by facilitating all the necessary training about the DAO deficiency so that he or she can lead an autonomous, safe and healthy low histamine diet, without any deficiencies, and by also ensuring the creation of good eating habits. We also work to make the patient regain his or her self-confidence to stop seeing the food change as an obstacle.

In addition, we offer the possibility of requesting a personalized follow-up with our expert psychologist in food restrictions. In this way, the patient acquires more tools and learns strategies to achieve greater success with treatment.

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