Low histamine diet

For a long time you have been waiting for an article that discusses foods, talking about each specific category of food, but we do not like listings, given that many times they are used incorrectly.

Even so, nutritionists are conscious that sometimes more direct guidelines are needed, besides educating and teaching the habits to avoid the emergence of the functional symptoms of DAO Deficit. We should keep in mind that the main symptoms are: migraine, intestinal problems, muscular pain and atopic skin, among others.

To begin with, after receiving the diagnose with a special blood test, a specialist must be visited, in particular a nutritionist. At the beginning, a Phase 1 diet will be proposed; this is why these foods have to be avoided:

  1. Cold cuts: chorizo, salami, fuet, sausage, black pudding, bacon, frankfurt, pâté…
  2. Citric fruits: orange, grapefruit, tangerine, kiwi, pineapple.
  3. Dairy: animal milks, yogurt, butter, ice-cream, mature and semi-mature cheese.
  4. Fermented foods: fermented cabbage, sauerkraut, tofu, tempeh.
  5. Oily fish, canned fish and seafood: salmon, tuna, canned tuna, smoked salmon, canned anchovies, shrimp, clams, mussels, oysters…
  6. Precooked foods: pizzas, croquettes, vegetables creams, lasagne, fish sticks….
  7. Egg whites
  8. Alcoholic beverages: wine, cava, beer, distilled beverages, spirits…
  9. Nuts: walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts…
  10. Seasonings: soya sauce, curry, monosodium glutamate, balsamic vinegar and mustard.
  11. Sweets: industrial bakery.

Besides these main foods, given that this is the first phase, the following foods must also be taken into account:

  1. Other fruits: strawberry, banana, avocado.
  2. Vegetables: courgette, pumpkin, spinach, eggplant, tomato, cucumber.
  3. Cephalopods: sepia, squid, octopus…
  4. Other seasonings: apple vinegar, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, anise.

Remember that it is called low histamine diet to simplify, but some of these foods actually contain little histamine. Some are rich in amines, they release endogenous histamine or they block the Diamino Oxidasa enzyme (DAO).

16 thoughts on “Low histamine diet

  1. April L Stevens

    My dr thinks I may be having a histamine reaction to foods. She suggested a looking up Histaminosis. I have an appointment with a.m allergist/immunologist as well. I do feel better when I follow a low histamine diet. I also have a couple enzymes in the CYP450 system that abnormally metabolize, one taking 80% longer to clear toxins and such from my system.

    My dr also suggested a DAO enzyme supplement. I cannot find one. It is best for me to take single ingredient supplements, rather than ones that have multiple supplements together. I have reactions to many medications and herbs, so it’s best to try one at a time. Do you know of a supplement that is only a DAO supplement?

    1. Adriana Duelo Post author

      Dear April,

      Did your Doctor ask for a blood test to check your DAO enzyme activity? If you had DAO deficiency I would suggest you to follow a low histamine diet supplemented with Daofood, a very active DAO enzyme supplement.

      Please do not hesitate to contact me again if you require any further information.

      Take care!

        1. Adriana Duelo Post author

          Hi Sydney,

          If the supplementation is DAOfood, you can rest assured.


      1. Adriana Duelo Post author

        Hi Celine,

        Cucumber has a little of histamine, more than carrots and less than spinach or tomato. This is the reason why we suggest to avoid it in a first phase of a low histamine diet.

        Kind regards!

    1. Adriana Duelo Post author

      Hi Jimmy,

      We do not recommend almond or any other nuts flour in general, because they are able to release histamine. You can use coconut, spelt, rice or wheat flour, for example.

      If you need any other information please, do not hesitate to contact us through our patient care email info@adrianaduelo.com.

      Kind regards!

  2. Rosa

    is lemon juice ok? Because i do not see it in your list. Also, i have seen in orher lists that apple cider vinegar is fine. What is true?

    1. Adriana Duelo Post author

      Hi Rosa,

      Sorry for the delay in replying. You should avoid both in a histamine-restricted diet.

      Kind regards!

  3. Lino Williams

    Any suggestions for healing leaky gut that’s the root cause of my histamine issues

    1. Adriana Duelo Post author

      Hi Lino,

      In this case we use some specific supplements such as glutamine or lion’s mane mushroom.

      If you need any other information or if you need to schedule an online appointment please, do not hesitate to contact us through our patient care email info@adrianaduelo.com.

      Kind regards!

  4. Kat

    All blood test normal, food test no allergies but yet hives for 3 years. Can not find a functional medicine doctor her in Las Vegas that doesn’t automatically say hashimato disease. Any recommendations

    1. Adriana Duelo Post author

      Hi Kat,

      Sorry for my delayed answer.
      Unfortunately, we are not aware of any specialists in the USA.
      You can make an appointment on-line with one of the team.

      King Regards!

  5. Farheen

    I have no food allergies as such, but have a few food intolerances. I have hives too but have noticed they get better with low histamine foods. I am also working on healing my leaky gut which was severe until 2 months ago. I feel my digestion had improved and overall very energetic. But the hives pull me down. It’s mentally debilitating. So I have gone low histamine low inflammatory diet since 2 days now. Hope you found something to help your situation by now.

    Hugs from Australia

    1. Adriana Duelo Post author

      Hi Farheen,

      Sorry for my delayed answer.
      I don’t know if you have any doubt or it’s just a comment….
      A low histamine diet can help you to reduce inflammation and improve urticaria.

      King regards!


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