Quick, healthy and convenient: the microwave oven

How many of you like to cook but can’t find the time to do it during the week? Or how many of you just don’t like it at all?

Every day, more and more people rediscover the microwave and all its benefits.

Microwave cooking is usually simple, clean, healthy, safe and above all, quick (nowadays we are always rushing, time is gold and we need to optimize it) and this kind of cooking doesn’t imply a great loss of micronutrients. We can easily check this by paying attention to the vegetables colour before and after we cook them, as it will remain the same. This colour conservation indicates that most of the nutrients haven’t vanished and therefore, the food keeps most of its nutrients after being cooked.

Food with high water, sugar or fat content is the best at absorbing the micro waves produced by this oven, therefore it is the most suitable for this kind of cooking.

It is essential to keep in mind which pan we should use as some materials are not suitable for microwave cooking. Glass, porcelain, clay and microwave adapted plastic transmit micro waves directly to the food, without absorbing them.

Very often we forget about another necessary item: a microwave adapted plastic mould. Its role is to avoid the loss of all the vitamins and minerals in the food. It will also avoid having to clean the microwave oven after using it!

This cooking technique is absolutely advisable for those of you who are following a low histamine diet as it doesn’t interfere with it and it’s also a good way of varying the diet without turning to pre cooked food.

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